Why You Should Be Using Process Servers

No matter which legal papers you need to serve or file, a process server can help to maintain due process and ensure everything goes smoothly. Good servers are professional and persistent, as well as discreet, so you can rest assured that you’ll retain your confidentiality no matter the type of papers you require served.

Utilising these services is a fantastic way to ensure that the legal documents are indeed served, especially in those cases where their recipient refuses to receive them – servers are trained to handle situations like these and more. So, engaging the services of a process server instead of doing it yourself can offer you a lot of advantages.

Complexity of the Law

The rules for serving court documents can be difficult to navigate, as not only are there a large number of them for each process you require, they can also be hard to understand – sometimes due to the sheer volume, other times because they’re constantly being updated. This can lead to an improper serving, so much so that the papers become invalidated, for instance. Process servers are well acquainted with the rules surrounding the serving of legal documents, so you can just relax with the knowledge that your papers will be served correctly and in time.


Dangerous Process

Depending on the nature of your requirement or the person you need papers served to, this process can be dangerous, which is why Process Serve UK is run by ex-police officers, trained to deal with a wide variety of situations. You may not even want to confront the person you’re serving legal documents to, independently of danger, which is why many prefer to use process servers instead.

Finding People

It might be the case that the person who you intend to get served papers has gone missing or is in hiding, meaning you can’t find them. Process servers know how to locate people, since they have specific methods you may not know of or have no access to. On top of that, process servers can overcome the problems surrounding access to a secure building, ensuring that your documents are properly served at all times.


At Process Serve we understand just how important it is for your legal documents to reach their intended recipients. For this reason, we’re capable of working across the country, and providing the highest level of care and attention to each case, so that we can get your papers to the right hands. Contact us today on 0800 1938088 if you require more information about our services, and we’ll be on hand to answer any questions you may have.

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