Why are Process Servers Vital?

When you need to deliver legal documents directly into the hands of a named individual, there are numerous occasions when only a professional process server will do.

It is far from “just” transferring the documents from a legal firm or your business to a named individual, as it’s a legal process that has to be done correctly to avoid a myriad of costly pitfalls.

Preparation Can Be Everything

Ensuring that you get the outcome you want when serving legal papers may mean not even setting off to complete the brief until all the right information is available to get the paperwork to the correct person, in the correct way, in an ordered and timely fashion.

It’s one of the reasons we recommend using local agents – so if you are looking for process servers in London for example, you use someone with local knowledge, accessible to you. They won’t set out until they have all the information they need for optimum success.

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Hiding in Plain Sight

Process servers can be particularly vital if the target recipient is difficult to track down – including someone who is going to avoid that paperwork “like the plague” or someone constantly surrounded by people who can create obstacles.

A process server has the skills and experience to pinpoint the right person and find just the right time to approach them. It’s why the Process Serve UK team are trained police officers, who choose agents with optimum levels of detection skills and intuition.

Their attention to detail, patience and accuracy can be the difference between fruitless efforts to find the right person and prompt, effective delivery.

Timing Counts

There are occasions when timing is everything – getting paperwork to someone within a deadline is crucial, but also choosing just the right moment to get the recipient’s attention and co-operation.

When the clock is ticking, the temptation to cut corners or take ill-thought-out actions can be overwhelming. Serving legal documents has to be done scrupulously and within the CPR legislation, and our process servers know exactly what is permissible and ethical.

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For situations in which finding the right person, sticking closely to a schedule or managing potential conflict are vital, why not contact us today for more advice or information.

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