Why Are Process Servers Important?

While perhaps not the most well-known area of law, process serving is a crucial cornerstone of the British legal system, without which individuals could find themselves being affected by rulings which they had heard nothing of prior to that ruling. They would thus have no way of seeking representation in such a way as to defend their interests.

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Long Tradition

Service of process has a long tradition for a number of very good reasons. Over time the profession has built up expertise and know-how such that process servers can reach individuals members of the public could not.

However, the inherent importance of this side of law is sometimes overlooked. The proper service of process is a cornerstone of ensuring that everyone has their legal rights respected. An example might be a defendant to whom documents cannot readily be handed.

It is equally important that summons for witnesses, or specific pieces of evidence, are executed properly. Ultimately the failure to do so can be the difference between a party winning and losing their case.

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Handling Challenging Situations

Despite being an integral part of the smooth running of the law, service of process can at times be difficult. There are cases in which the individual or individuals to whom process must be served have gone missing, or are in hiding, as well as times at which contacting them may present dangers in itself.

It is here where the experience of PROCESS SERVE UK, which was set up and is run by ex-police officers, is of great value to our clients.

Reliable Service of Process

PROCESS SERVE UK have been serving legal documents promptly and professionally for many years, over which we have built up a reputation of efficiency and reliability.

Our experience and well-established network of agents, each of which have themselves accumulated years of process service experience, give us a valuable foundation of experience in process service. It is this experience that has enabled us to complete 85% of the cases we receive within 24 hours.

Contact us with your query and we will be delighted to discuss how we can be of help.

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