The Importance of Choosing the Right Process Server

Because your process server performs such an important service, it’s crucial you choose the right company for the job. Get it wrong and you’ll incur extra legal costs and delays in resolving your case.

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Experience Counts

You must ensure that the process servers you use are reputable and will serve your documents promptly and within CPR rules. A good process server will also abide by Data Protection and Human Rights legislation and ensure that the documents are served exactly as you instruct them to be. There have been some horror stories about delays and costs incurred by the incorrect serving of important documents.

Process Servers UK is run by ex-police officers who responded to a need for professional and reliable process serving, and we’re data protection registered with the Information Commissioners Office.

Good Lines of Communication

It’s up to your process server to keep you informed of progress – you shouldn’t have to chase them for information on whether your important documents have been served. If you’re looking for Process Servers London, then we can ensure that your documents are served or that express document collection is undertaken in a timely and professional manner.

We’ll then send you the appropriate sworn Affidavit, Certificate or Statement of Service. That way you’ll have complete peace of mind knowing the process has been completed to your satisfaction.

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Multiple Servers are Better Than One

When you need documents delivered in a timely fashion, it makes sense to choose a firm that has multiple agents to get your papers served. At Process Servers UK, we provide a network of trusted agents with many years of experience in the job. Process serving can be time-consuming, and it’s often a tough job, but we can ensure your papers are served promptly and professionally, with complete discretion.

Get Upfront Costs

As with any work undertaken on your behalf, there’s nothing worse than receiving a bill full of extra costs you didn’t agree or envisage. We’ll always agree your costs upfront on a fixed fee basis for no hidden surprises.

Contact us for further information and a quote.

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