Spotlight on: Express Document Delivery & Collection

If you have an important legal, financial or insurance document that you need to arrive with its intended recipient safely and quickly, or one that you need to receive with similar urgency, then it is hugely important to send the materials with a courier you can trust.

Leading postal and courier services may not be the answer here: a firm that specialises in the specific documents that you need to send or collect are a far safer bet, and an understanding of the importance and sensitivity of the materials, and the vital need for them to arrive on time, is central. At PROCESS SERVE UK, we have that knowledge and that understanding.

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Express Delivery & Collection

The express delivery or collection of your documents ensures that they are dealt with quickly and are never lost. With email confirmation in place to confirm delivery or receipt of the item to relevant parties, anyone concerned can rest assured that their legal, financial or insurance documents are in the safe hands of people who understand the salience of the materials.

Documents that you may wish to send by specialist courier include everything from credit card and personal injury documents to insurance claims and witness statements: inherent to the timely processing of these items is a quick, efficient delivery.

Deliveries in the UK & Abroad

Express delivery and confirmation can be safely and quickly undertaken anywhere in the UK in a professional and courteous and, above all, secure manner. Likewise, we can arrange international document delivery if you should need it, simply contact us and we can discuss your options.

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Experience at the Core of the Operation

At Process Serve UK, we serve documents with all the experience that comes with our roots in the police force. We understand the importance of the professional, courteous and legally compliant serving of the correct documentation to the correct people, and pride ourselves in ensuring that the process runs as smoothly as possible.

With procedures that are very delicate in the legal and financial sectors, express document delivery and collection remains an integral part of the industries that require them.

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