Serving Legal Papers Highly Diverse as Media Shows

There is a common public perception that the law is something connected to dusty books, barristers in wigs, and wordy rules and regulations. Many people have no perceptive of the different types of law, and couldn’t tell you the difference between case and civil law.

But thanks to the media, the process of serving legal documents is firmly planted in public consciousness, and not just because of hideous USA reality shows.

Throughout the UK, day in day out, a hugely diverse range of court actions is underway and legal papers need to find their way to the right person in a proper and timely fashion, which means process servers in London are certainly kept on their toes!

Many people are probably unfamiliar with the term “process server” but they know legal professionals have to get those papers out, whatever the circumstances. A quick round up of the media in the last few days illustrates the diverse nature of this.


High-Rise Action

Plymouth City Council has recently been served with legal papers after the Hoe Residents Association decided to oppose plans for a seven-floor block of flats.

The case is heading for the High Court as the Residents’ Association claims the new building should not have been approved because key documents were missing. This includes a tall buildings report showing how the structure would affect the surrounding area.


Movie Star

Meanwhile, in the USA, actress Scarlett Johansson has reportedly filed for divorce from her French husband Romain Dauriac. Her legal team have served her husband of three years with divorce papers and the couple are believed to be preparing for a custody battle for their daughter.


Music World

The above divorce paperwork appears to have found its target, but in the world of music, another set of papers haven’t got to their destination yet.

The legal team handling the divorce of singer Tameka “Tiny” Cottle from hip-hop star T.I. has been unable to formally notify T.I. of the legal action, causing a court hearing to be shelved.


Education Action

In a legal battle a million miles away from the world of music, a British father is suing his son’s former private school as the lad only passed one GCSE.

Legal papers were served on Abbotsholme School headmaster Steve Fairclough and the chairman of the governors at the school’s summer gathering last year.

Now disgruntled Dad Scott Craddock, a retired truck driver, is taking legal action against the independent boarding and day school in Staffordshire to refund £125,000 he spent on fees.


Never a Dull Moment

If nothing else, this diverse bunch of news stories shows how serving legal papers is far from dull, and is often a challenging process. This is why the services of a calm, professional process server are so valuable; they take it all in their stride.

Contact us today to discuss your process serving needs.

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