ROSS: The First Attorney Robot

The world of law and legal documents has changed for the better in the past weeks with the introduction of the latest technology in AI. This new robot will help to significantly speed up the legal process, although many people believe that the use of AI in law could have very bad consequences – such as the loss of jobs for human employees.

However, ROSS has just started working, and it seems his input will be very valuable for the company that employs him. Want to know more about the first robot-lawyer?

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Who is ROSS?

ROSS is a robot designed and powered by IBM’s Watson technology. It recently joined the bankruptcy section of the law firm Baker & Hostetler. This is a department that employs 50 lawyers, and experts think that ROSS will help them efficiently.

Baker & Hostetler’s executives see in ROSS a way to deliver a faster and more efficient service to their clients, and have made it clear that the machine won’t replace the human lawyers – it will just assist them in those tasks that are necessary but tedious. They outlined that one of the values of the company is to always keep updated with the new technologies to enhance the services they offer.

What is his job?

ROSS is a legal researcher for the firm, being in charge of sifting through thousands of documents to bolster the firm’s cases. This is a minor task that is usually carried out by lawyers who have just left university and are starting their careers.

The AI machine searches the law’s relevant passages and offers hypotheses that have to be checked by human lawyers. They interact with ROSS and, depending on the case, reinforce or question his hypothesis.  These interactions can be done in plain English, so talking to ROSS is as easy as talking to any other colleague. Also, ROSS keeps the team of lawyers updated with any new court decisions that can affect a specific case.

This will save lawyers many hours they would have spent using software to navigate the law, which traditionally limits the amount of time they actually can put into solving their cases.

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Advantages of Employing ROSS

ROSS is a brilliant machine that not only delivers a highly efficient service but also learns from experience. This means that its use will improve with time. Thanks to the feedback of his human co-workers, the robot will gain new knowledge and become faster.

Using AI machinery can allow companies to reduce the time they need to deliver satisfactory solutions to their clients. Despite some people’s reservations over using machines in sectors such as medicine and law, it has been proved that technology has improved both and – even more – created new job opportunities instead of reducing them. Robots like ROSS are very effective tools – but never a human’s replacement.

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