Qualities to Look Out for in a Process Server

When it comes to choosing process servers in London, you’ll want only the best, which is why it’s important to understand what to look out for. A competent processing server should embody the following qualities:

Good Digital Organisation

If you have a large number of cases which require serving then you’ll want to avail of the services of someone technically confident, with good methods of keeping track of everything. Individual process serving companies will have their personal preferences in terms of the software they use – whatever their preferred methods, all you need to know is that your process server is in control and digitally keeping track of every step of every case.


Good Physical Organisation

Your process server should demonstrate an ability to keep track of everything, including documents to be served, invoices, receipts and everything else that goes with the territory.


An Ability to Keep Track of Everything

As anyone who has experience of using a process server can attest, the job doesn’t automatically end once the papers have been served. Tricky defendants will try to worm their way out of a case by claiming they were incorrectly served, which means you will be required to present notes, audio, video, photos and testimony that the defendant was served as described. If your process server keeps a track of absolutely everything, then you’ll have nothing to fear and the insurmountable evidence will be enough.

An Ability to Deal with Different Personalities

As you might expect, not everyone reacts politely to being served papers. Some might become insulting or even aggressive, whereas others might just flat-out attempt to ignore the person serving the papers.

Sometimes your process server might have to be wily enough to get into a position to serve papers, by pretending to be a delivery man (which isn’t strictly untrue – they are delivering something but not particularly what the receiving party was hoping for!) – either way, some cunning goes a long way in the game of process serving, so consider it a skill to look out for. If in doubt, contact us today.

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