Process Serving Practicalities

A lot of people will find themselves in need of the services of a process serving professional at some point in their lives. Hired to deliver legal documents relating to a court action to a respondent or defendant, their role has two primary purposes: to ensure that court orders are formally brought to attention, and to make certain that the person they’re delivered to has a reasonable amount of time to respond to them.

For most laymen, however, process serving is little understood, so even the practicalities can pose difficulties. Here, we talk you through a few key points to make sure that if you have need of such services, it all goes as smoothly as possible.

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How to Instruct a Process Server

In the first instance, a lot of people will have no idea of how to instruct a process server, but although the role is an archaic one, it’s much more simple and modern than you might think.

Often, you’ll be able to send directives via email, with original copies of the documents sent by post or DX to the appropriate professional. In some cases, the agent might even offer to collect these from you.

Once these papers have been served, they will then send you a statement of service, certificate of service, or affidavit to prove that their assigned job has been completed.

The Documents That Process Servers Serve

As you can see, using a process server is simple and straightforward, but what documents can they be enlisted to serve? The answer is an easy one: almost any that require personal service and proof of service.

The list of documents this might include is extensive: statutory demands for unpaid debts, witness summons, possession notices, possession orders, non-molestation orders, divorce and bankruptcy petitions, and orders issued under the Children’s Act.

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How to Find a Process Server

There are hundreds of process servers across London and the UK, but finding one that is suitable for your purposes can still be a long and drawn out task. This is because the industry currently remains unregulated and uncertified, so rigorous research must be performed before settling on the right one. Ventures such as ours have a long history and a strong reputation to recommend them, so that you can put your faith in your chosen professionals.

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