Myths and movies – no traps or chases

If Hollywood – and USA “reality” shows – are to be believed, the life of a Process Server is fraught with danger and involves subterfuge and guerrilla attacks to serve legal papers. There are even some people who imagine they use disguises and false identities to gain access to recipients.

The truth is that they are an efficient, competent group of professionals governed by strict regulations, who get the paperwork from one place to another in a timely and trackable manner.

Having the right credentials and skills to do the job without any drama, is all in a day’s work for the team from Process Servers London.


Not Without Its Challenges – But No Touching!

Of course, there are emotionally charged situations and reluctant recipients, but for the most part process servers are met with courtesy and understanding. After all, they are doing a vital job and most people – at all stages of their role – understand and appreciate their efficient and polite service.

There are no dramatic and aggressive pronouncements “You’ve been served!”. Another prevailing myth is that to officially serve legal papers, the process servers must touch the recipient with the documents. Clearly this would be highly inappropriate and intrusive! There are a wide range of boundaries and regulations on how – and when – different paperwork should be delivered.

Part of the skill of process servers is knowing what these are. For the most part, papers are served when the professional explains the purpose of their visit and leaves the documentation in an accessible and tangible place.


Knowing When to Keep a Safe Distance

Process servers know the situations in which they can leave paperwork with someone else, and be within the law in considering it officially and properly delivered. These “back up” options are sometimes designed to be used for occasions when there is a chance the process server will be in any kind of peril from a face to face meeting to serve legal papers.

And on the rare occasion that process servers do come across unstable or aggressive recipients, there is no aggressive “standoff” or chase. The professionals know exactly how to diffuse the situation calmly and carry out their role swiftly, with minimum fuss.


Call Us to Make the Handover Seamless

Process servers are removed from the legal proceedings and have no knowledge of aspects of the case, and certainly don’t have any access to confidential information. When paperwork is served on someone they can’t enter into any kind of discussion with the recipient, but can provide a contact number for them to use.

So if you want a seamless handover – with no drama – contact us today.

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