Global Cases Mean Bigger Headaches

If legal paperwork is tied to international cases – when the involved parties are not in the same country or even continent – then getting advice and support from an experienced process server is vital.

Whether it’s a single instruction or a larger number of documents, for a complex case or multiple cases, serving paperwork to the right people within court-set deadlines becomes even more of a headache when it crosses borders and even time zones.


Cross-Border Cases More Common

These days, matrimonial, corporate, criminal and civil investigations can become stretched across large geographical areas. The rise of the global marketplace and a more fluid world population have led to a substantial increase in cross-border cases, sometimes leading to complicated matters of jurisdiction.


International Process Servers

In these cases, clients report that there is great reassurance from using process servers in London or elsewhere in the UK, who have a network of tried and trusted contacts throughout the world.

Process servers have contacts with specialist knowledge of their own countries, which can make the difference between success, or a case that fails due to incorrectly served documents. In-depth local knowledge also helps cut through the bureaucracy and red tape for serving legal documents within international timeframes. This can include, if necessary, engaging overseas private investigators to help trace the recipients of the legal paperwork.

Legal Requirement of Serving Documents Overseas

Process Serve UK has valuable experience of working within the limits set by the Foreign Process Section (FPS) at the Royal Courts of Justice. This body dictates whether legal paperwork has to pass via diplomatic channels.

We operate within the boundaries of the Hague Service Convention of 1965 – a set of regulations adhered to by many countries, which controls the delivery of judicial and extrajudicial documents in civil or commercial matters.

Nothing Overlooked to Get Documents Overseas

Clearly, relying on alternative methods to serve important paperwork becomes more unreliable and hard to track the minute you’re looking outside the UK. There is a minefield of additional rules and regulations you need to be aware of.

All you really need to know is that by contacting us, there is nowhere in the world we can’t deliver your legal documentation safely into the right hands. Contact us today to discuss what you need.

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